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Bean&Pähkinä Dog Wear is a finnish dog wear brand that manufactures custom made high-quality dog sweaters. All the dog sweaters are 100% handmade and suitable for sensitive dogs also. You can order your favorite sweater on standard size or order it as custom made. You can also design the sweater by yourself or tell us all your wishes and we will design the special sweater just for you. For custom made sweater, please, contact us.

Milk&Pepper dog clothes and dog products. We offer high-quality Milk&Pepper dog clothes and dog accessories. Milk&Pepper is a high-quality dog wear brand from France. Dog clothes, hoodies, t-shirts and sweaters are all comfy and stunning! When you want to pamper your puppy choose Milk&Pepper!

Puppy Angel dog clothes and dog products. Puppy Angel has more hundreds of designs and products since 2001 year and still develops and designs fashionable dog clothes and products. We offer high-quality Puppy Angel dog clothes like dog winter coats, hoodies and t-shirts. We also sell some luxury dog accesories from Puppy Angel like dog shoes, socks and hats.

InnoPet is the well known brand regarding mobility for your pet. Core business of InnoPet are pet strollers. Nowadays pet strollers are a common thing which you can buy at lots of pet stores. The demand for mobility for pets has increased sharply in recent years.


We offer very comfortable and fashionable InnoPet dog strollers and dog bike trailers.

Puppia is a global pet fashion design group for dogs, based in South Korea.

With know-hows accumulated in the fashion world for many years and sense of designs,

Puppia's products are highly accepted by the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, Singapore,

Taiwan, Australia and Malaysia based on exclusive distributorship rights. We offer some lovely dog clothes and accessories from Puppia!

Pet Head is high-quality pet shampoo manufacturer from United States. All of shampoos and sprays are made in the USA and approved by the team of Pet Head pups! We proudly offer high-quality Pet Head shampoos for demanding taste!

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