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How can I place an order?

How can I place an order on


You can place and order via contact form >> or by e-mail


How can I pay my order?


You can pay your order via PayPal. We use PayPal invoice.


How much is the shipping cost?


Shipping costs depens on what are you going to order. Lightweight products like t-shirts and small sweaters will be shipped as a letter.


WORLDWIDE! shipping costs as a letter (like t-shirts and small sweaters under 2cm thick) : $ 6


WORLDWIDE! shipping costs for packages (like winter jackets, hoodies, shoes and boots etc.) : Depends on the weight. Price are starting from 15$. We will let you know the shipping costs before paying.


WORLDWIDE! shipping cost for dog strollers: always need to ask!


Can I return the product?


You can return the products (not custom made sweaters) during 14 days from the ordering. The product need to be unopened and all tags and tickets need to be in places. You will pay the return costs by yourself.


You can return the product to:


Luxury Dog Clothes

Itäinen Pitkäkatu 41 A 11

20700 TURKU



Remember add your PayPal e-mail address for returning money.


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